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Once upon a time, Jill Yulo (a lovely princess) and Alwyn Uytingco (an alluring prince) bonded in a show called Qpids. Thus, the best loveteam was born.
JilWyn- the couple who are truly crazy for each other and totally cute together is honored in this spectacular Shrine
Ito ang JilWyn Shrine Revolution.
From the Mighty JilWyn Nation.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

JILWYN's thank you video message

Image hosted by

margz has a surprise for all of us!
she took a video of jilwyn for all of us. it's a thank you message of jilwyn for all the support that we gave them. i hope we all still continue to support jilwyn all the way despite of the result of the QPIDS Grand Finals :)

click >>>
enjoy the video everyone!

note: if you have problems downloading the video, please leave a message in the chatbox:)


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