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Once upon a time, Jill Yulo (a lovely princess) and Alwyn Uytingco (an alluring prince) bonded in a show called Qpids. Thus, the best loveteam was born.
JilWyn- the couple who are truly crazy for each other and totally cute together is honored in this spectacular Shrine
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From the Mighty JilWyn Nation.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Vote ka ha!!!


Thanks to Ate Ruth (aka Makajill) for this clip.

And check the picture section for more gifs, may mga bago din!!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Nang Mag-Emote Si Alwyn Sa MMK

eto oh.. wihihihihi..

click here to see picture

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Alwyn On Maalaala Mo Kaya

Don't forget to watch Alwyn on Maalaala Mo Kaya this coming Thursday, Aug. 25, 2005.

click here to see picture

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Isang Sulyap

See great gifs first, dito lang sa nag-iisang JilWyn Shrine!!!
check the Picture section for more gifs..

Sumusulyap-sulyap.. sumisilay-silay..

click here to see picture

Friday, August 19, 2005

Do You Remember?

Do you still remember this?

click here to see picture

Alwyn: Kulang na lang ano?
Jill: Kulang na lang halikan mo siya...

Anyways, wag mo na ring kalimutang bumoto ah!!! =D

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Super Happiness

Congratulations sa ating beloved loveteam for getting the Immunity Bear once again!
click link to see picture
Comments kina JilWyn:

Jerry Sineneng: Uhmm.. JilWyn, your both very good, you compliment each other, bagay na bagay kayo.. nakakakilig.. very good, very good.

Jose Javier Reyes: Unang-una, they look so good together.. ang ganda-ganda nila together.. ang timpla ng acting nila ay halos magka-swak na swak na, in other words, itong pares na ito kung isasalang natin sa isang tv show ngayon, alam kong it will work.. so for me, they are the best of the teams dun sa pinakita sa mga palabas sa amin..

Jerry Sineneng (ulit): Nasabi na ni Direk Joey, pero bagay na bagay talaga yung dalawa, they're both very good.. nagsusuportahan sila sa acting.. nakakakilig panoorin.. they look good physically.. sa nakita namin, their loveteam is the best.


Keep Voting ha!!!

sa celphone, itype:
QPIDS 2 Name,Address
and send it to 2366

call from any pldt landline:
Dial 1-908-QPIDS-05, press 1, then press 2

Sunday, August 07, 2005

First Monthsary Surprises

        download the anthem banner
   Happy JILWYN day to all of you!! Today is Jill and Alwyn's First Monthsary as a couple, and to celebrate such a special day, I came up with a few surprises. Hope you'll like it..

1. A nation isn't a nation without an anthem:

*To the tune of "Dito sa Puso ko"
Oh Jill, mahal ka nga ni Alwyn
Titig pa lang nya'y damang-dama na namin
Oh Jill, love mo rin ang binata
Sa 'yong yakap, hindi mapagkakaila

Kayo, kayong nagsimula nito
Kami'y adik sa Qpids ng dahil sa inyo
Qpids, anong saya
Kapag kayong dalwa aming nakikita

Si JIL at WYN, ang number one na loveteam
JILWYN wag sanang mag-alala
Walang sawa kami ay susuporta

(You can download the anthem banner by clicking the pic above.)

So JILWYNIANS/JILWYNITES, make it a habit to sing the anthem everyday, hahaha.. It's guaranteed to start your day right.

2. These you have to find out for yourselves. Just log in to the forum and... Finders keepers!!!

Credits to Rapunzel and Margz for the Ktext Pics. Credits also to Jill and Alwyn. They never seem to run out of kilig poses.

- ate ruth

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Naka-VOTE ka na ba?   Mga JILWYNIANS or JILWYNITES, especially those who live in the Philippines, don't forget to vote for our JILWYN. Please vote and help them make it through the next heartbreak night.

send   QPIDS  2  name,address to 2366


call from any pldt landline:
Dial 1-908-QPIDS-05, press 1, then press 2


   Don't miss ASAP Fanatic this Sunday. Jill might compete in Clashdance. Then right after fanatic, QPIDS na!!! Ano na naman kayang drama/loventure ang gagawin nila? Magkakadayaan na naman ba sa mga roles? Abangan!


Happy First Monthsary (on Aug 7), JILL ALWYN!
May you have each other forever.


QPIDS TV Schedule:
 Philippines - Right After ASAP FANATIC
 USA (TFC) - 9:30 AM (Pacific) / 12:30 PM (Eastern) Basta right after the 700 Club. Minsan kse 10pm/1pm na hindi pa tapos yung club.

   Please visit ABS-CBNI for the sked in your neck of the woods.