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Once upon a time, Jill Yulo (a lovely princess) and Alwyn Uytingco (an alluring prince) bonded in a show called Qpids. Thus, the best loveteam was born.
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Our pledge, the big reveal, & jilwyn knb?

   Hello, hello!! This is ate ruth.. I wanna thank Von for trusting me and Ayen, and for granting us full access to this site. We pledge to all citizens of the Jilwyn nation that we will make time and make use of all our resources to update the Jilwyn Shrine. Thank you rin po sa lahat ng nagpopost sa chatboard and sa pex and sa mga nagpapadala ng mga banners/photos. Huwag po kayo sanang magsawa sa pagsuporta sa loveteam na JILWYN.

=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The Big Reveal - Nalaman natin through Cipriano's confirmation during the Bohol Bull Session na "sila na nga" ni Jiselle. You can view the screencaps by clicking the pictures link under navigation. Lahat ng Jilwynians ay nagagalak sa balitang ito at sana'y lumawig pa at tumagal ang kanilang pagmamahalan. Naks!!

=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

JILWYN & Pawel were on Game Ka Na Ba? last Saturday. Alwyn and Mikel didn't get through the first round. Tanong kay Alwyn: "Sa tao ba ipinangalan ang HoChiMinh City?" "No." sabi ni Alwyn. Sagot ay "yes".(eh maski ako nga nde alam yun eh! minalas sha kse mahirap ang question.) However, Jill & Paw did manage to get to the pyramid round. They battled with Epi Quizon and Robert Sena.

Jill was leading and got to the 3rd level of the pyramid. Kris, who was obviously impressed with Jill, asked how old she was. Jill replied, "15". Kris said, "Oh, natalo pa nya kayo!" Kaya lang 'tong si Epi Quizon, who's much older than Jill (alam naman nating lahat yon.), ay humabol (& by this time, humirap na rin ang mga questions) and he went on to win the round. Pero nde naman nya natalo yung defending winner. Si Paw ay hinde na nakaalis sa first level. For a 15-year old, Jill gave a good fight.

   Here's a liitle bit of info about our dear Jill: During the pre-game interview, Jill said that this coming September she's planning to go to IS (International School) to continue her studies. She's in the 10th grade.

Image hosted by
(Pic above: Jill sings a couple of lines
from the song "Nanghihinayang". That
was the first time I ever heard Jill sing.
I was impressed. She can definitely SING.)

Yan lang muna, peeps! Abangan nyo yung surprise.
Malapit nang i-reveal ni Ayen.


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